Translate Box released!

Translator using multiple translation services.
The new translation management tool.
More convenient, More powerful!

macOS 10.13 or later required.

Translate Box shows translation results from several famous translation services at the same time to provide optimal translations. Also, all contents of a translation can be tabulated and systematically managed.

Translate Box - Translator using multiple translation services for OS X | Product Hunt Embed

Comparison of Translation Services

Users can compare translation results from multiple translation services
to obtain the desired translation.
Supports various languages ​​provided by the service.
Input language automatically detected.

Display Various Screens

Separate the screen with the specified color
and character by service.

Translation Management

Users can add new boxes to create new translations
while maintaining the existing translation.

If you need to start translating to a new topic,
you can create and manage a new document.

Create and translate documents in one app

Users can add new boxes to create new translations,
add boxes to add new translation services,
and remove boxes to remove translation services in use.

Translating can be done just like writing a document and
it is also possible to separate documents by subject.

Babel Fish

This icon is the Babel fish.

It is a universal translator that neatly crosses the language divide
between any species from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.