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How to make the note to PDF(PDF EXPORT)?

    1. Continue to press the note you want to make it to PDF in note list until it changes to editing mode and the note will be selected.
    2. Click the ‘Send’ icon on the top left side.
    3. Choose a method out of various sending methods(options).
    4. From Scrapnote export and PDF export function, choose PDF export.
    5. You appropriately set up in the PDF settings page. When you click the ‘down’ button, PDF will be created.

How to implement Quick Look?

    1. Tap a note on the note list with your two fingers, and then you will be able to see the contents in advance without opening the note.
    2. You are able to look as Portrait and Landscape mode by using an icon on the left top of Quick Look.

What’s Full View and How to see?

  •  Full view is a function, which shows you the original of scraped data. When scrapping a web page, you will see the part of the screen where you scraped on the note. ‘Full View’ mode allows the actual whole webpage when you scrapped. Thus, you can see the original webpage from all the scrapped data again through ‘Full View’ function. Since video of YouTube and Vimeo is cannot be archived, for these scraps, ‘Full View’ connects to the link of the video. Thus, video will be played only upon connection to the internet.

What’s Scrap Data Navigation?

  •  This is the function you can see the scrapped data as ‘Full View’ and flipping through the overlapped data. When the related scrapped data is organized by overlapping function, you can use two finger tap on the left part of the note to flip to the front and right part of the note to flip to next scrapped data. To enable ‘Full View’ mode, simply tap the center of the note with two fingers to get into ‘Full View’ mode.
  •   If you feel uncomfortable on tapping with two fingers, go to ‘Tools’ and change the settings to ‘one finger tap’. In case of changing the two finger tab to one finger tap. Since one finger tap being similar to using a pen, Scrapnote will turn off the pen function in the app and taps will only be working to search and review the notes.

You may have a problem with archiving a data even though you scrap.

  • When scrapping a when using a cut function, Scrapnote is not archiving the whole webpage because you are scrapping just a part of a webpage as an image.

Why is the size of the note so big?

  •  It is due to archiving whole webpage, not just an image using the cut function.When scraping a high resolution image, you are archiving the whole original webpage. Therefore, you can see the original data of the scrapped data at anytime through the ‘Full View’ function.
  •   Since the note is not with just simple cut out scrapped images, with the whole webpage archived for later viewing using the ‘Full View’ function, therefore the size of the file is large.

Why when starting Scrapnote, only blue screen comes out without running the program.

  •  When you start Scrapnote, it starts deleting temporary files you previously used before running the program. If there are many temporary files to be deleted, it takes for a long time to finish, that’s why you may feel as if it is not running at all. In addition, the program is automatically terminated after about 20 seconds, so the app no longer looks like running, but it is only because there are many temporary files to be deleted. Although the app is automatically terminated after about 20 seconds, please continue to run the app. Then it will be running without any problems in second and third try after deleting the temporary files completely.
  •  We promise you that we will fix this problem without any inconvenience in next update.