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SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE Scrapnote is organized with simple menu, intuitive icon, and powerful scrap function, which provides you optimal environment in using the app efficiently and fast. Using the note with full view function with simple menu structure, Scrapnote provide comfort in using the app. simple&intuitive
THE MOST POWERFUL SCRAPBOOK Scrapnote is differentiated from other apps in powerful scrap functions. The powerful functions of Scrapnote cannot be found in any other application. While working in a note, Scrapnote allows you to easily bring in many types of data. Scrapnote provides powerful function to bring images, archive web page for later view and scrap and play videos on the note. etc
SMART SCRAP DATA You can also put the scraped data into notes with various methods. Various data can be organized to be overlapping to look like one or separated. Scrapnote also has many frames to choose to customize a note. Also you are able to write necessary information on the scraped data with a pen. All the data scrapped on the note can be seen over and over throughout the ‘full view’. scrapdata scrapdata_etc
MANY BEAUTIFUL DESIGN Scrapnote has awesome cover designs, various paper styles, and stickers that make your note look like the most beautiful. This awesome design will make you happy and excited while using the app. textbox
  • newspaper
  • vintage
  • black
  • blue
  • green
  • green
  • green
  • green
  • green
  • various_sample_notes
    REAL TACTILE HANDWRITING Scrapnote provides various writing methods. You can draw or write something with multiple pens and colors. Using Quill feels like you are using a real pen. Also you can change the pen to a maker or a highlighter. pens pen_sample


    You can skim through the Scrapnote quickly and you can instantly open to any page.



    You are able to make clear and vivid note by using the high resolution book covers and papers (skins) and stickers with ability to use a pen.



    Scrapnote helps you to see your notes out of Scrapnote application when you transfer the notes to PDF in PDF export function.

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